Do you want to grow your business?

There are a number of reasons you would want to partner with LIV Consulting. One being that our main objective is to ensure that our clients are successful and feel empowered. We recognise that there is a lot of pressure on you as our clients to ensure that your digital and business strategy is aligned and that you remain competitive in the market. This means that the teams we assign to partner with you have had exposure to a number of sectors. We want to help you grow and evolve your business. Here are some of the exciting things we do – digital and strategy:

1. A suitable strategy
Quit wasting time developing strategies internally, it’s time you get a strategy thats impartial & tailored to suit your business goals.

2. Branding
It may be time for a rebranding exercise. Why would your brand stay the same when your business keeps changing?

3. Data = more customers
Data should be the base of all your decisions. Trust us to show you how to use your data ‘cleverly’

4. Web design & dev
Are you giving the right impression of your business? Do you want to reach more clients?

5. Marketing
Let us really sell your products / services. You need to be everywhere – lets drive sales.

6. PR & Events
PR & events is not your business so why not let us handle this with passion!

Fun facts about us:

a) We have jobs & side hustles – our exposure is therefore fantastic.
b) We love our clients so we always make your client experience memorable.
c) Our team members believe in individuality & innovation. We have the perfect mix to solve any challenge your business may face.
d) We always have fun, we are quirky in person & on our social media.

For more information on how to grow your business, feel free to contact us at

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Your business’s black Friday strategy 2020

LIV Consulting has been advising clients on what to do to ensure that they market their products/ services correctly for black Friday 2020.

Here are some facts to build your strategy around:

The average discount percentage for black Friday is 50%;
54% of shoppers will commence shopping prior to black Friday;
70% sales for black Friday are made through e-commerce;
66% of sales are done through a mobile transaction;
SMS marketing returns approximately 500% ROI;
34% of shoppers open their cart abandonment emails.



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