How to start an e-commerce business

LIV Consulting helps clients start businesses. Here are our 4 Steps to start an e-commerce business

LIV Consulting (2020)

Step #1. Research

1.1 Business Model

  • Firstly, you must decide on the right business model (create, capture & deliver value)
  • Focus on resources available, processes required to deliver effectively, value proposition & how to monetize and be profitable

1.2 Niche down

  • Initially you will start by niche down your products
  • Pick product features that satisfy market needs

Step #2. Target Market & Product

2.1 Identify your target market

  • Identify personas , image & customers
  • Understand what your business represents

2.2 Product

  • Align your personas to your products
  • Select and evaluate the products
  • Select a limited number of products

Step #3. Business Plan & Registration

3.1 Business plan

  • Finalise your business plan that is realistic and well explained as you may need to present this to potential investors
  • Include information from regarding your business model, niche products, target market and how you have aligned your products to the personas
  • Include a realistic budget

3.2 Registration

  • Ensure that you register your domain
  • Register your business

Step #4. Setup digital … then market

4.1 Setup Digital

  • Design & Dev a suitable suitable website
  • Select an e-commerce platform
  • Furthermore, ensure that you select suitable branding & a logo
  • Setup social media accounts

4.2 Market your business

  • This means you must create awareness with PR & advertising
  • In addition, ensue that you focus on SEO & content
  • Finally, use suitable social media & campaigns

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