LIV Consulting is a boutique firm that focuses on delivering futuristic solutions that have a sustainable impact. We  simply offer strategy and data services enabling businesses to be informed and data driven.

We are a passionate team that is both professional and experienced. LIV Consulting maintains a fresh approach and steps away from the traditional churning of ‘one size fits all’ methodologies.

Our solutions are tailored to our client’s needs and we work very closely with our client’s to ensure that they remain informed and active throughout the process. In addition, we align well with clients that target social, economical and environmentally responsible behaviour.

We are the enabler to a better future for your business!


To assist clients in making impactful and sustainable improvements to their business performance and to maintain a good reputation in the market for exceptional services and professionalism.

Our Values

Maintain professionalism: by maintaining ethical standards, always remaining independent, prioritise client interests to ensure that clients remain confident in our services.

Improve client’s businesses: through collaboration and innovative methodology and technology.

Exceptional reputation in the market: maintain service standards so that clients are rest assured that they are in safe hands and prospective employees know that they would do their careers justice by being affiliated with us.

Attract innovative people: by ensuring that the work environment is challenging and employee-centric.

Integrity: will be maintained in any event and this will apply to how we work and with whom we are associated.

Efficiency: by ensuring we utilise skilled employees, methodologies and manage projects timeously when performing services.